1.    Students are expected to arrive at the school before the first bell i.e 7.25 a.m. The school gates will be closed at the bell. Late comers will be
       sent back home.

2.    A students should be regular in attendance, punctual, diligent in her work, neat and clean in her dress and of exemplary behavior.

3.    Students whose attendance is irregular, who do not pay their fees, who are habitually late of absent, lazy or disobedient, whose conduct is
       injurious to themoral tone of the school or incompatible with the discipline, may be dismissed.

4.    Students are to address their teachers and all members of the school staff with due respect and politeness. Arrogant and challenging
       behavior towards teaching or non-teaching staff is not desired.

5.    Every student must possess an identity card issued by the school.

6.    Every student attending school is obliged to take part in co-curricular activities organized by the school.

7.    For students of classes IX-XII, active participation in any one of the Clubs is recommended.

8.    Students must speak only in English within the school premises.

9.    Students are bound to make good any damage done to the school property or library books.

10.   Cameras, magazines, newspapers, cassettes, C.D's, i-pods or cell phones must not be brought to the school without the Principal's consent.
        The school management has every right to carry out inspection as and when required

11.    Students must be careful with belongings. The school is not responsible for goods lost.

12.    Students will not be allowed :

          a)   To leave the school during school hours unless the parent comes to take the student.

          b)  To raise subscriptions or collect any kind of funds.

          c)  To give gifts to the the members of the staff/companions.

          d)  To organized any picnic, excursion, tournament or fete without the Principal's permission.

13.    No student will leave the school during working hours or lunch break, without a gate pass issued by the Principal.

14.    Every student must have her own copy of the school Prospectus. She is expected to bring it to school daily.

15.    During all activities and outings the school takes all necessary care and precautions. Yet in spite of that, if an accident or mishap occurs,
         the school shall in no way be held responsible, or liable.

16.    The students are expected to speak well of their mates, the discipline management and the teachers of the school.

17.    Only Plus -Two students are authorized to bring motorized vehicles to school-helmet & license mandatory.

18.    In no way should a student disfigure the walls of the school or destroy school property. Scribbling on furniture is prohibited

19.    The school doesn't encourage any student to take tuition from the school faculty.

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