SCHOOL LAB [Learning by doing ]




Chemistry Lab

General Use of Chemistry Labs

1.    Eating, drinking, and smoking are strictly prohibited in the laboratory.

2.    Always wash your hands before leaving lab.

3.    Learn where the safety and first-aid equipment is located. This includes fire extinguishers,

       fire blankets, and eye-wash stations.

4.    Notify the instructor immediately in case of an accident.

5.    No unauthorized experiments are to be performed. If you are curious about trying a

       procedure not covered in the experimental procedure, consult with your laboratory





Physics Lab

General Use of Physics Labs

1.    If you don't know what you are doing FOR SURE, seek help.

2.    Get proper training for whatever equipment and procedures you encounter.

3.    The teacher will also maintain a watch on the different laboratory groups and point out

       safety issues and corrective action as the need arises

4.    Do not modify or damage the laboratory equipment in any way unless the modification is

       directed by the instructor. This does not include the changing of a lab setup as prescribed

       by the procedures in the carrying out of measurements.Never work alone if at all avoidable.




Biology Lab

General Use of Biology Labs

1.    Be familiar with the exercises & experiments that you will be doing before coming to

       laboratory. This will increase your understanding, enjoyment & safety during the laboratory.

2.    Know your own allergies and be aware of the potential allergens that might be present in

       the laboratory. Take the necessary precautions to prevent allergic reactions.

3.    Wash your hands before and after each laboratory session. Good hygiene is important

       in limiting the spread of disease.

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