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1.    The school is provided with a well-equipped library.

2.    Only one fiction or biography and / or one reference book may be taken at a time.

3.    Books of fiction may be retained for a fortnight and reference books for three days.

4.    All damage to books beyond repair shall be paid for. No books may be taken from

       the Library without the permission of the Librarian.

5.    A fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged on each book which is not returned on the

       due date. No book will be issued until the fine has been paid.

6.    Each borrower is held responsible for the books taken by her.

7.    Special Reference book viz encyclopedias, dictionaries general knowledge books etc. are

       to be used only in the Library. In case of necessity these books may be borrowed for

       one period or at the close of the school with the permission of the Librarian and should

       be returned before the first period of the following day. These Books however are no

       to be taken for a whole day unless used in the Library. Magazines and other periodicals

       are in no condition, to be taken out of the Library.


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