The sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, inspired by Venerable Mother Mary Veronica, the Foundress, focus on equipping the students not only with intellectual skills but also with a set of attitudes imbued with social, moral and spiritual values.


  • To offer the the service of education to our youth, geared especially to the empowerment of women.

  • To see that the children grow spiritually oriented, academically excellent, emotionally balanced, morally upright and socially concerned individuals.



  • To invite parents and guardians who entrust their children to us, to cooperate and work with us in realizing our challenging vision to make our students a powerful force for good.

  • To imbue the faculty and staff with the same vision, in the service of the glorious task of educating the girl child of our times. 


 Core Values

  • To nourish a deep faith in God.

  • To relentlessly search for truth and justice.

  • to foster an on - going urge to reflect and act in accordance with their convictions.

  • To rely on themselves and courageously face the challenges of life.

  • To respect the rights of every individual.

  • To cherish fidelity to their duties and responsibilities.

  • To love their neighbour, irrespective of caste or creed.

  • To be willing to forgive and forget the wrongs done to them.

  • To be committed to selfless service of the economically, psychologically and spiritually deprived sections of our society, especially women.

  • To be loyal to our country and to take leadership roles for the good of our country and society.




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