The school cabinet is a very integral part of the school, chosen by the Principal, teachers and students. The cabinet is sworn in an investiture ceremony. Its’ a pride and honour to be a part of the school cabinet. Each cabinet’s term lasts for a year, after which the next team takes over. Being student representatives, the cabinet acts as an important link between the students and the school management. Each member of the school cabinet takes an oath to carry out the duties entrusted to her with complete dedication. They also pledge to work in harmony with each other and the school, to uphold the banner of Sacred Heart Convent School flying high.

Every year, a student cabinet is elected to make students experience the working of a democratic process, to develop leadership, responsibility and interpersonal skills. This promotes the involvement of students in different clubs and other activities. The cabinet helps to maintain discipline and a healthy environment in the school campus by coordinating during morning assembly, recess, dismissal, house meetings and other school events.

This year the cabinet was elected through secret ballot on 19 th April, 2023. The School President, School Pupil Leader and Cabinet Ministers took their oath and received their badges from the Principal.

School Cabinet




I. School Pupil Leader Pranshi Raj
Asst. School Pupil Leader Varanya Srivastava
II. Discipline Minister Devnishtha
Asst. Discipline Minister Aaliya Bhardwaj
III. Break Incharge Sameeha Haque
Asst. Break Incharge Diya Gulati
IV. Cultural Minister P. Chitrali
Asst. Cultural Minister Riddhi Panda
V. Cleanliness Minister Janhvi Thakur
Asst. Cleanliness Minister Sohana Imtiyaz


School President Shabda Rao
School pupil leader Mani Tak
Discipline Minister Shinijini Majumdar
Asst Discipline Minister Richa Singh
Crimson Squad Leader Ruchika Majumdar
Asst Crimson Squad Leader Aditi Priya
Gold Squad Leader Harleen
Asst Gold Squad Leader Kanishka Chopra
Green Squad Leader Krihti Singh
Asst Green Squad Leader Aditi Pathak
Violet Squad Leader Artika Nagwanshi
Asst Violet Squad Leader Arnavi Sharma
English Minister Aadya Thakur
Asst English Minister Ishanvi Singh
Hindi Minister Himani Garg
Asst Hindi Minister Kanak Bajpayee
Cultural Minister Saheli Basak
Asst Cultural Minister Sajal Shradha
Sports Minister B Anshika
Asst Sports Minister Samaira Doshi
Science Minister Rishika Banerjee
Asst Science Minister Niharika Mukherjee
Maths Minister Abhilasha
Asst Maths Minister Debashree Chakraborty
G.K Minister Adwika Mishra
Asst G.K Minister Shambhavi Tewari
Cleanliness Minister Anusya Pandey
Asst Cleanliness Minister Sherya Ranga
Eco-Commerce Club President Anu Guha
Eco-Commerce Club Secretary Prachi Singh
Environment Club President Ayushi Singh
Environment Club Secretary Stuti Kedia
Interact Club President Swastika Pramanick
Interact Club Secretary Isha Gupta
Jyoti Club President Suhana Singh
Jyoti Club Secretary Anushka Kumari
Safe Club President Sharmishta Dey
Safe Club Secretary Aditi
Guides Company Leader Bipasha Chatterjee
Asst Guides Company Leader Khyaati Bakshi
Band Leader Anjali Singh