School Laboratories

School Laboratories

Chemistry Lab

Step into a realm where you will find all the colours that science has to offer - From the lilac flame of potassium to the brilliant blue aqueous copper sulphate! With individual workspace and apparatus locker, the students at Sacred Heart Convent School, go beyond equations and reactions, where experimenting becomes a thrilling experience.

Physics Lab

Good and ghost exist together, of course as particles in Physics! No science exists without experiments. DELETE THE LINE HERE. Here the students see the forces of Physics at work and this is the place where logic meets conclusion.

Biology Lab

A gallery of rare experiments and a perfect place for bio lovers! Here at the Biology Laboratory of Sacred Heart Convent School, the students go beyond books catching a glimpse of a plethora of natural beauty. Each student can go to a microscopic level to see the complex diagrams come to life!

Computer Lab

With personalized desktops and own passwords, the students at Sacred Heart Convent School’s computer lab not simply execute programs, but delve deep into the codes which unlock the possibilities of infinite results.