Carmel Community College

Carmel Community College

The Concept :

It is an alternative system of education, aimed at the empowerment of the disadvantaged and the underprivileged

  • Urban poor
  • Rural poor
  • Tribal poor and
  • Women

Carmel Community College, Jamshedpur was inaugurated on 28th August 2015 by Sr. Lily D’Souza, A.C. Provincial Superior, Northern Province.

Currently there are three courses offered under its two departments:

Department of Office Management

1-year Diploma in Office Management – Started in August 2015, the course prepares young women to work as office assistants, receptionists, tele- callers etc. The subjects covered under this course are:

  • PI - Principles of Office Management,
  • PII –Accounting Application in Office Management,
  • PIII - Computer Applications in Office Management,
  • PVI - Interpersonal Relationship and Communication Skills & Functional English,
  • PVII - Life Skills and Practical’s based on PI, PII & PIII.
  • PVIII- On Job Training

Below mentioned is the Statistics of Office Management Department:
Year Admission Drop Out Graduated Placed
2015-'16 36 3 33 21
2016-'17 34 1 33 23
2017-'18 38 8 28 18
2018-'19 41 10 29 17
2019-'20 44 15 29 19
2020-‘21 30 8 22 18
2021-‘22 43 11 32 26
2022-‘23 58 Ongoing

Office Management
Office Management

Several activities like Carmel Feast day, Independence Day, Women’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Christmas day and Self Confidence Speech Competition are conducted where students get a chance to showcase their skills and improve their self-confidence.

Students also go through a two month internship at various organisations in Jamshedpur. Few most common Internship Organization are: Sacred Heart Convent School, Loyola School, Triveni Engicon Pvt. Ltd, Brubeck Bakery, Bebbco Motor’s, Apex Hospital, and Ideal Imaging & Tanishq etc…

Students who have shown remarkable performance during the Internship had been offered job after the Internship tenure. With the help of the organization, placement is done throughout the year to support and help more students to get better career and Job opportunity.

Event Management Course at Carmel Community College, Jamshedpur

A 2 Credit Certificate Course in Event Management has been introduced in Carmel Community College, Jamshedpur as part of the 1 year Diploma in Office Management Course.

Event management is the application of project management for designing and managing mid to large-scale events such as formal parties, festivals, ceremonies, weddings, conferences, concerts, and conventions.

The course was offered to the students of the Batch of 2016 – ‘17 as a pilot study. The Course was for 2 Credits where 1 Credit = 15 hours.
Tr. Anita Wadera facilitated the course.

Given is the statistic regarding Event Management:

Year No of Students
2016-'17 11
2017-'18 7
2018-'19 6
2019-‘20 13
2020-‘21 17
2021-‘22 12

Department of Tailoring and Embroidery

1. 6-month Certificate Course in Tailoring and Embroidery - The Course was started in July 2016. The subjects covered under this course are: Cutting & Tailoring and Embroidery.

Below mentioned is the Statistics of Tailoring and Embroidery:

Batch No Year No of Students Graduated Machine
1st 2016 28 16 8
2nd 2017 11 10 10
3rd 2017 23 11 8
4th 2018 29 13 8
5th 2018 39 18 15
6th 2019 8 5 5
7th 20195 22 15 5
8th 2020 17 9 2
9th 2020 15 9 6
10th 2021 27 8 8
11th 2022 19 Ongoing

Tailoring and Embroidery
Tailoring and Embroidery

2. 1-year Diploma Course in Fashion Designing – The Course was started in July 2017. The subjects covered under this course are: Garment Making, Textile Theory, Basic Designing, Dress Designing, Illustration and Adaptation.
Statistic: Fashion Designing:
Batch No. No. of Students Graduated
1st 17 5
2nd 9 5
3rd 3 1
4th 7 Ongoing
5th 13

Activities like Teacher’s Day and Christmas are conducted by the Department of Tailoring and Embroidery where, students get a chance to showcase their skills and improve their self-confidence.

Tailoring and Embroidery

In addition, the department organises an exhibition of the tailor made garments and embroidery work for the students passing out. The teachers and students of Sacred Heart Convent School,
Jamshedpur are invited for a visit to appreciate their work and place orders.

The Journey so far has been exciting ………

“Empowering the marginalized society through the woman”