School Clubs



Interact is a service Club for youth who want to connect with others in their community or school. Interact Club members have fun while carrying out service projects and learning about the community. Along the way, Interactors develop their leadership skills and initiative while meeting new friends.

The Club organises two service projects in a year - one that benefits their community (a blood donation camp) and the other that encourages selfless service (paper drive). Apart from these, there are various other activities organized throughout the academic session, in an effort to reach the goals of the Club.

While the Club receives guidance from the Rotary Club, it governs and supports itself.


The goals of Interact Club are:

  • To recognise and develop constructive leadership and personal integrity.
  • To encourage and practice thoughtfulness of and helpfulness to others.
  • To create an awareness of the importance of home and family.
  • To build respect for the rights of others, based on recognition of the worth of each individual.
  • To emphasize acceptance of individual responsibility as the basis of personal success, community improvement and group achievement.
  • To develop life skills including self development, time management and personal finances.
  • To recognise the dignity and value of all useful occupations as opportunities to serve society.
  • To provide opportunities for gaining increased knowledge and understanding of community, national and world affairs.
  • To open avenues of personal and group action leading to the advancement of international understanding and goodwill towards all people.



To help the students to become socially conscious about their fellow beings.

To make students self-reliant and to enable them to contribute their potential for the betterment of the society either directly or through a participatory process in collaboration with other.


The goals of JYOTI are:

  • To participate in inter-school cultural competitions.
  • To arrange fund for project school.
  • To participate in workshops on current problems of society.

Environment CLUB


The club will be committed towards raising social awareness regarding environmental issues and changing student’s attitude towards the environment by enlisting their active participation in club’s activities.




Economics and Commerce Club at Sacred Heart Convent School aims at inculcating and nurturing entrepreneurial skills among the burgeoning business leaders. This club gives a platform to the budding future of business tycoons and to develop business acumen and organizational skills amongst the students.




The Safe Club was created with the aim of spreading awareness and promoting the importance and criticality of safety in all walks of life, especially with relevance to Road Safety, Drug Abuse and Safety Norms in the day-to-day life.


  • To instill a sense of responsibility in the students regarding safety.
  • To share tools, resources and data with every parent and teacher to increase awareness for the safety of children.



To create awareness about the importance of acquiring all round knowledge.


  • To develop the skills of logical analysis.
  • To carefully select and methodically train the talented young minds of our school so that they can evolve as quizzers.
  • To motivate the members to tap into their knowledge of the world and actively participate in various quizzes.



To instill confidence in students to communicate fluently in English through written and oral medium.




To enhance confidence in students and inculcate appreciation for Hindi as an important language of the country.


The objectives of Hindi Club are:

  • To improve Hindi vocabulary and communication skills.
  • To enrich the knowledge of Literature amongst students.

Mathematics CLUB


Mathematics Club of Sacred Heart Convent School is dedicated to extra-curricular mathematical activities to develop positive attitude and interest in Mathematics and its practical application in life.

Objectives of Mathematics Club are:

  • To pave the way for complete visualization and comprehension of mathematical concepts.
  • To provide the students with opportunities to develop their explorative, creative, inventive faculties.
  • To provide an informal and social atmosphere for a free exchange of mathematical ideas.


The main objective of Science Club of Sacred Heart Convent School is to provide proper incentive and inspiration for the pursuit of scientific knowledge by broadening the scientific outlook of the students. It provides opportunities for bringing the students close to the society by understanding the contribution of science in their life.

It develops among the students the spirit and attitude of a healthy competition and helps them in the development of the constructive, explorative and inventive interests for science.

The club organises science exhibition to create a keen interest for the development of psychometer skills through the models displayed. It also organizes inter-school science debates and science quizzes, in order to have a clear concept about scientific studies.


President Barack Obama rightly said – “Don’t just play on your phone, Program it”.

Computer club is the perfect opportunity to turn students who are just technology consumers, into the next generation of software engineers. When it comes to the young learners, they are taught how to work with Tux Paint, MS Paint, Word Pad, MS Word and MS Excel effectively and creatively to enhance their knowledge, whereas in higher classes, the students understand how to write programs in JAVA and C++. Regular practical classes and computer quizzes are conducted between squads to develop the interest among the students and make them realize how amazing a computer is! The club is divided into two teams- Photography and Technical. Photography is an art in itself. The learners are taught those small simple procedures- the angle of camera, its position, different modes, filters and much more. Live streaming is loved by this generation. The computer club members are incharge of live streaming of various school events. Besides, the students also learn video editing and video compilation in a more realistic manner.